You Don't Own Me

You Don't Own Me

You Don't Own Me by Jenell Diegor


10 minutes

There comes a point when you've just had enough.

You Don't Own Me is a film written, produced, and directed by Jenell Diegor (Four Sides, Dear Dylan), starring Nicki Rampage (Project Guatemala) and Francesco de Francesco (Race for the White House, Untold Stories of the ER).

The film tells the story of Trish (Rampage), a sex worker who is on the verge of calling it quits and her pimp Ray (De Francesco) who continues to charm and belittle her at the same time.

Also starring Steve Kasan (Depth of Pyaar, Exorcism) in a supporting role. Hair and makeup is provided by Kesha Lyte-Atkins and crew members Caddy Lac, Kaitlyn Mann, and Rebecca Stol handled all the lights, sound and other tasks. The film features the 2021 single Without You by award-winning singer/songwriter Chad Beloin.

Shot in Toronto, Canada with an all-female skeleton crew of five, You Don't Own Me is a passion project fully funded by Diegor from the proceeds of selling some of her favourite basketball cards.

Meet the stars.

Nicki Rampage is a Scarborough-born talent best known for her striptease on the stage of the prestigious Brass Rail Tavern in downtown Toronto. Appearing as herself (The Stripper) in 2013's Project Guatemala and in 2021's You Don't Own Me, Nicki is proud to contribute to more diverse stories about sex workers in the media.

Francesco De Francesco is grateful to have worked on Asian on Mission Productions' "You Don't Own Me". He has experience in film, television, and theatre. He is best known for his work on Clash (2021), Untold Stories of the ER (2020), Enchanted Mafia: Dark City (2019), and Race for the White House (2019).

Steve Kasan is an actor, writer and illustrator from Toronto, ON. A character performer with over 5 years experience in film, tv, and other visual mediums, his most notable roles have been on the Vice series, Dark Side of the Ring, LifeChanger, and Blood Rites of the Vampyr.

Festival circuit.

As of April 25, 2021, You Don't Own Me has been selected by 23 film festivals, along with earning several awards and nominations:

  • BEST MOBILE FILM - Zero Degree Film Contest (India)
  • BEST MOBILE FILM - Accord Cine Fest (India)
  • BEST SMARTPHONE FILM - Mumbai International Film Awards (India)
  • BEST MOBILE FILM - 1st Monthly FIlm Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • BEST DIRECTOR - Best Istanbul Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • BEST ACTRESS - Nicki Rampage - Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival (Russia)
  • OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Tagore International Film Festival (India)
  • OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - World Film Carnival (Singapore)
  • SILVER AWARD - Virgin Spring Cinefest (Kolkata, India) 
  • HONORABLE MENTION - Reale Film Festival (Milan, Italy)

  • FINALIST - Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Slovakia)

  • FINALIST - LuleĆ„ International Film Festival (Sweden)

  • FINALIST - Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Czechia)

  • FINALIST - Best Director Award (London, UK)
  • SEMI-FINALIST - Sweden Film Awards (Sweden)

  • QUARTER FINALIST - Madras Independent Film Festival (India)
  • Best Director Awards (London, UK)
  • London International Monthly Film Festival (London, UK)

  • Colortape International Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Auber International Film Festival (Paris, France)

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

  • Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (Michigan, USA)

  • Aphrodite Film Awards (New York, USA)