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In 2016, I began to get more into filmmaking. This is a journey that takes time, patience and a whole lot of learning!

I am always open to collaborations, be it from artists and creators within Toronto or those from around the globe. I mostly work to create short films and I am open to acting in yours or helping with behind the scenes tasks.

I am also skilled in creating posters and creating IMDb listings for your films. 

Feel free to drop me a proposal at

*Note that if we work together on a project it will be ineligible to be entered to any of the film festivals that I curate due to conflict of interest. See below for film festival list (except TIFF) and email me for any questions or concerns.

The following films have been completed and are either released or currently in the festival circuit.

I am the current director of four film festivals. More information on each one can be found on their respective websites, just click on the logos!

In 2017 I had the honour of working for the Toronto International Film Festival and just heard that I will be returning for the 2018 festival as well!

I've also had the honour of having my films screened (and even win awards!) at the following festivals globally: